MEDITERRANEAN & VEGETARIAN - Cuisine for vegetable gourmets

Whether you are a vegetarian or just looking for an occasional alternative to dishes that contain a lot of meat or fish: In this book you can find starters, soups, salad ideas, snacks and main courses – all prepared with vegetables, grains, spices and/or herbs only!

The Mediterranean region, from the Middle East to Spain, Italy and Greece to North Africa, offers ingredients in lavish abundance for imaginative vegetarians. Fresh vegetables, high quality olive oil, fragant herbs, savory legumes, granular types of grain and fruity aromas pair with sophisticated, North African spices and spicy chilli peppers of Calabria.
Abroad there is still the misconception, that the residents of Mediterranean countries know how to use only pasta in a vegetarian way. But bit by bit fantastisc recipes with grains and legumes cross geographic and gastronomic borders.
In this book you will find tasty suggestions from the Southern Italian home of the author and from other Mediterranean countries, whose gastronomic culture is globally on the rise these days.

Be inspired by the 70 innovative, newly interpreted and partially still unknown recipes and countless photos – go and find your new favorite recipe.

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Original version: MEDITERRAN & VEGETARISCH - Kulinarik für Gemüse-Gourmets

TRANSLATOR (german - english): Trisha Byrne





Italians are avid mushroom pickers; you can find them from the Dolomites to Mount Etna. Especially porcini mushrooms, field mushrooms, chanterelles and parasol mushrooms are availabe to a great extent.


INGREDIENTS (4 people):

8 slices of wood-fired bread or ciabatta bread

100 g cherry tomatoes

400 g mushrooms (porcini mushrooms, white mushrooms and chanterelles)

fresh parsley

1 chilli pepper

1 clove of garlic

extra virgin olive oil

sea salt (from the mill)

black pepper (from the mill)


Clean the mushrooms, cut the porcini mushrooms and white mushrooms, fry with uncut chanterelles in a bit of hot olive oil, season with salt. Cook carefully on moderate heat for about 5 minutes. Mix generously with chopped parsley, remove from heat and let it cool.

Roast the slices of bread (on the grill or in the oven) on both sides until brown and, while still hot, brush one side of the slices with a halved, fresh clove of garlic, with the cut surface of the clove.

Quarter the cherry tomatoes, season in a bowl with salt, pepper and chilli pepper. Mix with the mushrooms and spread on the slices of bread. Serve immediately.